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Billionaire Dreams

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Bred for the Prince’s Heir

Brooke Randall was a good girl that did everything her protective mother told her to do. But now 22 and still a virgin, she escapes to Greece to find the man of her fantasies. When she finds him, she doesn’t know he’s a Prince; but he ignites a battle within her that pits her desire to be a ‘good girl’ against her Prince’s dominating sexual will. And forced to serve him on his private island, Brooke must learn to submit to her powerful Prince, or risk a punishment that would change her life forever.

What the Billionaire Wants

What the Billionaire Wants

Includes: The #1 EROTIC BESTSELLER in France

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What the Billionaire Wants: Extended BDSM Bundle


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Bred for the Dictator’s Heir

Beautiful and innocent, Natasha Lord is a journalist student who travels to her European homeland to bring down its dictator. But caught for spying, she is given a choice; life in prison, or complete submission to the gorgeous dictator’s powerful sexual appetite. Falling captive to the alpha male’s Roman soldier physique and overwhelming dominance, Natasha must unravel the dictator’s secrets before his will consumes her own.

Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set

Includes: The #1 EROTIC BESTSELLER in France and Brazil; the #2 erotic bestseller in Italy; and the TOP 10 erotic bestseller in Germany and Spain.
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Bred for the Sheikh's Heir

Do Arab girls grow up wanting to be Cinderella? Or does their Cinderella story have a twist?
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Breathless for the Dancer

‘BREATHLESS FOR THE DANCER’ is a re-release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love short stories where a young, innocent woman is dominated by a powerful alpha male who enjoys BDSM.
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Serving the Billionaire

Rachel’s heart stopped when he entered the restaurant. He was rugged and sexy. His smile lit the room, but the darkness in his eyes hinted to more.
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Rescued by the Billionaire

Raven knows two things for sure: She stands in the dark, naked and bound by the wrists; and there is a powerful naked man with her seducing her mind as much as her body. Needing to know how she got there, Raven relives her life and death journey as a mysterious man from her past rescued her from a car crash off of a mountain cliff during the worst snow storm in 100 years. Unsure of who is now seducing her will, she must piece together her journey there in order to discover who she should run towards and who she must escape.

As He Desires

Rebecca Prichard wasn’t looking for love. She wasn’t looking for a good time. What she wanted more than anything was a job. But nearly broken by her difficulties, she made a deal with herself; at her friend’s wedding, she would become someone else. It was her uninhibited alter ego that first saw HIM. His sensual green eyes and the dark mystery that surrounded him tore open a crack in her. Craving his touch like a drug, she followed him into his limousine. And entering a world of dangerous sex, wealth and privilege, Rebecca’s life would change forever.

Bred for the Billionaire's Heir

Jasmine Cameron didn’t have enough experience in love to know what she didn’t want, but she knew what she did want; it was the sea swept, mysterious stranger whose steely eyes ignited her body and robbed her of her will. Drawn onto his yacht by his powerful allure, she wakes up on his private island engaged in a life changing sexual game at which he is the master and her submission is the prize.

To Please The Billionaire

Annie Hill was never appreciated by boys. She worked 40 hours a week to put herself through school and then 60 hours to pay for her little brother. She was independent, self-reliant and didn’t need anyone, especially a man… or so she thought. 

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